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1. Take an industrial converter 2. Combine it with LARA-100 PowerBox 3. Your open platform is ready 

Instead of building a new test-bench from scratches every time, employ the power stage of an industrial converter.

LARA-100 PowerBox reconfigures an industrial converter into an open, flexible and expandable platform, while keeping original, industrial-grade safety and measurement equipment.

LARA-100 Power Box enables:

  • interfacing with Texas Instruments C2000 series controllers
  • communication with variety of external devices such as encoders, resolvers, PLCs, etc. through CAN, USB, Ethernet, JTAG and RS485.
  • system configuration, supervisory control, data acquisition, real-time access to all controller variables, signal processing and manipulation, as well as control design support tools
  • networking of multiple PowerBox-controlled convertersm directly or through Cloud interface

You can immediately focus on control development of your specific application such as

  • motor drives and automotives,
  • photo-voltaics,
  • wind-turbines,
  • active filters, and more ...
Why LARA-100?LARA = LAunch RAmp
With the help of LARA-100 Expansion Boards and Software transform the industrial converter into the AC or DC motor drive, grid connected converter, photovoltaic power conversion, STATCOM, active filter and many more desired applications. for Power Electronics control development, research and education.
Key BenefitsKey Features
  • Focus to your real objectives rather than building and maintaining the new test bench whenever you start a project. Meet demands, rule your deadlines and tame the power.
  • Cost-effective solution for Academy and Industrial Users. Check our product page for budget options.
  • Safe bridge between theory and real life experience for students and young engineers.
  • Ready-to-use control examples and instructions save development time.
  • LARA-100 Expansion Boards transform industrial-grade converter into the open, re-configurable and cost-effective platform for your Power Electronics control development, research and education
  • Texas Instruments C2000 series controllers are easily connected - plug and play
  • The overall LARA-100 solution: industrial converter + LARA-100 Expansion Boards + TI C2000 controller is designed to keep original industrial compactness, safety and reliability while providing high level of flexibility
  • The same LARA-100 platform can be re-configured to support various applications: AC and DC motor drives, grid-connected systems such as FACTS, active filters, micro-grids, smart grids and more. Re-configurations are achieved through LARA-100 Expansion Boards and PERUN PowerDesk SW.
  • LARA-100 software PERUN PowerDesk provides supervisory control, 8 channel oscilloscope functionality, real-time access to all variables conceived in controller, real time signal analysis, filtering and mathematical manipulations
LARA-100 is designed to support our colleagues

Practicing engineers, researchers and students

  • Power Electronics & Power Systems
  • Automation & Control Systems
  • Mechatronics & Robotics

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