PERUN Technologies d.o.o.

Bate Brkića 16

21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

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PERUN Technologies was founded in 2014 by a group of 6 Power Electronics and Control researchers, engineers and academics, as a result of their rich experience in industrial and laboratory challenges. While dealing with various research projects over the years we clearly recognized the necessity to build one flexible platform which could be configured and re-configured according to project needs, rather than to build a new test-bench again and again, whenever a new project is launched.

This idea united us to combine our experience and expertise which ultimately resulted in the open and re-configurable platform LARA-100. The vision behind LARA is to serve our colleagues engineers as a Launch Ramp in the realm of Power Electronics, Power Systems and Control Engineering research, development and education, hence its name LAunch RAmp.


Launch Ramp


From the first days, LARA has been developed to answer the growing needs for flexibility and open access which contemporary applications such as smart grids, renewables and electrical vehicles require. We are deeply grateful to our users for their active involvement in making our products better. 

If you have some challenges in your lab, research project or classroom, we would be happy to discuss and explore possibilities because we have been facing the same issues. Sharing experiences between colleagues and partners is indispensible.