Since the days of Faraday, Edison, Tesla and Pupin, engineering has been the workhorse of our civilization. It empowers us, increases the reach of our bodies and minds, and facilitates a more safer and richer world. Engineers are bearers of that progress. To be an engineer means to master multiple areas and crafts. It requires an almost renaissance-like versatility, which is both beautiful and intimidating.


Therefore, the mission of PERUN Technologies is to provide our fellow engineers with a power electronics and control launch ramp with its configurable hardware, dedicated software and ready-to-use, advanced control algorithms. These three components together should fuel rapid development of your projects. Our task is to take care of all the necessary infrastructure, which helps you release your potential for solving important issues of the XXI century Power Electronics and Control Engineering. Together we can make a concrete contribution. Together we tame power. Let us proudly create!

What we believe?

Power and Control are key terms which have been shaping the course of our civilization since its dawn till our age, and will continue to drive and push our society forward. 

There is no progress without Power, and no amount of Power is useful without Control.


Our VisionOur Mission
Contribute to the dream of energy-rich and energy-safe world. To build a power-electronics and control LAUNCH RAMP in order to help our fellow engineers in achieving our common vision.