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PERUN Technologies is a Supplying Member of the SYNDEM Alliance founded by Syndem LLC, which leads the global development of next-generation smart grids with the synchronization mechanism of synchronous machines to unify and harmonize the integration of renewable energy sources, such as wind energy and solar power, electric vehicles, energy storage systems and flexible loads.

The Syndem Alliance consists of Supplying Members (those who supply goods and/or services to the Alliance and its members with the "SYNDEM" rebate code), Receiving Members (those who receive goods, technologies and/or services from Syndem LLC and/or Supplying Members), and non-profit Members. They form the ecosystem needed for developing next-generation smart grid and grow together.

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SolarCoin was created by a group of volunteers to promote solar power generation by creating a currency beneficial to the global environment. SolarCoin is managed as an open community project by Volunteers working together as the SolarCoin Foundation.

SolarCoin works like air miles for solar energy generators. Solarcoins are given out to all solar energy generators wishing to claim them for free. SolarCoins are a currency based on blockchain technology and trade 24/7 on markets. SolarCoins can be traded for Bitcoin and fiat.

PERUN Technologies joined as a partner in an exciting project called ElectriCChain.