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LARA-100 Motherboard 


Motherboard is the main board interfacing industrial power electronics stage and pluged-in controller. It utilizes all of the controller's peripheral I/Os important for LARA-100 system control. This makes LARA-100 system easy adaptable to various power electronics applications and different supervisory controllers. Expand your device any way you want considering the use of various PERUN's Application, GPIO and Communication Boards.


Application Board APP-ENC_INC_SSI_5V


Application board APP-ENC_INC_SSI_5V allow interfacing of widely used industrial incremental and absolute rotary encoders with SSI interface.

It is ideal solution for receiving rotor position and speed in your LARA-100 motor drives (LARA-100 MD).

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Application Board APP-UI


Application board APP-UI serves as tansducer of four differential high voltages into microcontroller fitted voltage levels. It is ideal solution for transforming your power converter to LARA-100 open-development platform for grid-connected, PV or battery storage applications (LARA-100 GCC).


General purpose input/output Board GPIO-01


GPIO-01 is compact board for extension of LARA-100 system functionalities and features through all sorts of general purpose digital and analog inputs and outputs. GPIO-01 board allow interfacing of 6 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, 3 analog inputs and 3 analog outputs between controller and user external devices.

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Communication Board COMM-01


COMM-01 board is best solution to add CAN, RS-485, JTAG, UART and USB connectivity to your LARA-100 system.

It allows building more complex power electronics systems consisting of two or more LARA-100 platforms, and forming micro- and smart grids.