2017 12 04 Box GCC

LARA GCC Box transforms an industrial converter into an open platform suitable for grid-connected converters control development. It can be effectively used in applications such as: photo-voltaics, wind generation, STATCOM, active filters, etc.

LARA GCC Box includes LARA-100 MotherBoard, together with expansion boards dedicated for grid-connected applications, and a single licence of PERUN PowerDesk software suite. LARA-100 GCC expansion boards support 4 differential voltage measurements, in the range from -800 V to 800 V. These channels are further adjustable on request. 6 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, 2 relay outputs, 3 analog inputs and 3 analog outputs are supported. Communication is possible through Ethernet, CAN bus, RS-485, RS-232, JTAG.


SUV02692 adj30 enh20 w1000 h666