LARA-100 helps Power Electronics control development engineers, researchers, PhD and undergraduate students, as well as their professors. Our solutions are tailored to support members of Power Electronics community, from a student to a PE expert. Based on your specific fields of interest, we would like to recommend a way of employing your PE launch ramp, LARA-100 to fully achieve the planned benefits. Read more about experience of our users here.

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Education Engineering Research


Are you an Engineer?

Would you like to skip the pain of the initial development phases?

for engineers 
  Your aim is to develop a motor drive controller, or grid-connected application (like the active filter, WT or PV)? You will need four principal parts in your design: a power stage, a controller, a set of electronic interface boards connecting them and the outer world, and a supervisory control software to aid in testing and debugging phase of the development. To develop the control code itself you will need to use some programming language, probably C. During testing, you need access to controller memory, but even more, to individual signals and their spectra. In order to do so, you need to establish communication between the controller and supervisory device (usually a PC) by means of reliable, fast and secure communication protocol.

If you do not want to build a new laboratory test-bench from scratch, but need to focus on realy important things right away PERUN provides with all necessary elements. PERUN LARA-100 provides an industrial-grade power stage, combined with powerful DSP controller, and all necessary electronic interfaces. PERUN PowerDesk is a supervisory control software that enables full access to controller memory, supports oscilloscope function, and has integrated support for standard signal processing routines. In that way your assumed effort in “nursing” the test bench is minimized or completely eliminated.

box all    PERUN provides you with all such specific equipment. Our platform, LARA-100, can easily be reconfigured to support many such applications. LARA-100 MD Box is tailor-made for applications related to electrical drives and motor control. LARA-100 GCC Box is similarly customized for the perculiarities of grid-connected applications. If you need combined power of both products, then LARA-100 PowerBox is made just for you. LARA-100 is configurable. After one project is finished, you can reconfigure an existing LARA-100 to meet a different need. 

Are you a Professor or a Student? Would you like to enhance your education process?

With its openess and configurability, LARA-100 is a safe bridge between academy and industrial environment.  

The learning curve can be modulated according to the previous knowledge level. In order to assist our young colleagues better, we prepared representative  application examples, such as V/f induction machine control, DC machine control and Grid-connected converter control.

for academia

Students perform required experiments on LARA-100 measuring and analyzing real results and thus enhancing their theoretical knowledge with practical experience.Since LARA-100 is an open platform, it supports creativity of students and their professors.


Are you  a Researcher?

When launching a PhD journey or research project, a PhD candidate faces similar challenges like the ones of a development engineer. However, we would like to point out a few peculiarities regarding PhD process.

Hands-on experience in laboratory is extremely valuable for any young engineer and researcher. It is usually gained through building a project-oriented laboratory setup. It is an important process and, when you do it for the first or second time, it may even be amusing. However, if you need to perform exhausting modifications every time when you start a new project, your learning curve becomes saturated (like saturated transformer or machine) and you experience only losses from that point on: loss of valuable time, resources and nerves. Time constants are large and usually non-predictable. On the other hand, you need to produce concrete, specific results and publish them in a high-ranking paper.

  for research


PERUN assists you in controlling this process. If you want to focus on your specific research subject, PERUN can replace the laboratory test – bench, thus helping you launch your control algorithm development immediately.In that way you are in full control. You can foxus your time and efforts where they really count.