PERUN Products

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Depending on your specific interests, PERUN prepared specialized packages called Boxes: LARA-100 MD Box, LARA-100 GCC Box and LARA-100 Power Box.

LARA-100 MD Box is specialized for motor drive applications, LARA-100 GCC Box is specialized for grid-connected applications, while LARA-100 Power Box combines both of them.

LARA-100 MD Box

Motors Drives

LARA-100 MD Box utility spans various fields, ranging from classical applications in servo-drives to applications in electrical and hybrid vehicles and transport.

LARA-100 GCC Box

Grid-Connected Applications

LARA GCC Box can be effectively used in applications such as: photo-voltaics, wind generation, STATCOM, active filters, etc.

LARA-100 PowerBox

Harvest the combine power of both MD
and GCC Box in a single product.

LARA-100 PowerBox transforms the power stage or an industrial converter into an open platform suitable for both Motor Drives (MD) and grid-connected converters (GCC) control development.

PERUN PowerDesk Standalone

Apply versatile out-of-the-box
capabilities of PowerDesk.

PERUN PowerDesk provides a plethora of functionalities. It can be used as an advanced digital oscilloscope. On the other, it provides direct access to device memory and code-defined variables. It incorporates a powerful signal processing and data visualization components. By means of PowerDesk, it is possible to access LARA-100 devices directly from higher-level programming languages, like Python, or even by means of popular data analysis and simulation platforms, like MATLAB/Simulink.