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Your Power Electronics Development Launch Ramp

Build your power electronics system in no time using LARA-100

Take your power stage

Industrial inverter or PERUN’s configurable converter LARA-100 Power Stage

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Combine it with LARA-100 Expansion Boards

LARA-100 Power Stage : configurable three-phase power converter based on SiC technology with 100 kHz switching frequency and 5.5 kW rated power

LARA-100 Motherboard: interface between the power stage, user controller and other expansion boards

LARA-100 GPIO Board: Comfortable connection with external devices such as switches, buttons, power relays, power contactors, power LEDs, power meters, industrial PLCs...

LARA-100 Communication Board: extension of LARA-100 system with a variety of standard communication interfaces such as Ethernet, CAN or RS485 communication buses. Application note: COMM Boards are ideal solution for expanding LARA100 power converters in order to form complex systems such as micro- and smart-grids

Controller: Create your control algorithms

PERUN PowerDesk: Design your system and test it thoroughly in a comfortable environment which includes real time access to all controller variables, data acquisition, analysis of measured signals, control design tools... mathematical manipulations over signals in real time

Your open platform is ready

You can immediately focus on your specific application:

You achieve straightforward:

  • interfacing with Texas Instruments C2000 controllers and others.
  • communication with variety of external devices such as encoders, resolvers, PLCs, etc. through CAN, USB, Ethernet, JTAG and RS485.
  • system configuration, supervisory control, data acquisition, real-time access to all controller variables, signal processing and manipulation, as well as control design support tools
  • networking of multiple PowerBox-controlled converters directly or through Cloud interface


Puzzle like


Technical description and practical demonstration illustrating capabilities of LARA 100 Motherboard.

Why LARA-100?

LARA -100 combines puzzle – like configurability with industrial – grade compactness. With LARA-100 Power Stage, Expansion Boards and PERUN PowerDesk software you can easily configure and re-configure again and again the same LARA-100 setup into desired system. LARA-100 saves your:

Time – desired application is configured in few steps
Money – the same LARA-100 stands for multiple configuration
Nerves – skip test-bench building and nursing. We believe and strive to make LARA a true LAunch RAmp for power electronics development, research and training.

LARA = LAunch RAmp

for Power Electronics control development, research and education.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on your real objectives rather than building and maintaining the new test bench whenever you start a project.
  • Meet demands and rule your deadlines.
  • Cost-effective. Check our product page for budget options.
  • Safe bridge between theory and real life experience for students and young engineers. Ready-to-use control examples and instructions save development time.

Key Features

The overall LARA-100 solution: LARA – 100 Power Stage (or industrial inverter) + LARA-100 Expansion Boards + TI C2000 controller (or other) is designed to keep industrial compactness, safety and reliability while providing a high level of flexibility
The same LARA-100 platform can be re-configured to support various applications: AC and DC motor drives, grid-connected systems such as FACTS, active filters, micro-grids, smart grids and more.
Re-configurations are achieved through LARA-100 Expansion Boards and PERUN PowerDesk SW.

LARA-100 software PERUN PowerDesk provides supervisory control, 8 channel oscilloscope functionality, real-time access to all variables conceived in controller, real time signal analysis, filtering and mathematical manipulations.

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June 2020.

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Dec. 17th 2015.

Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) from Vienna employed LARA-100 in developing their electric tricycle project.

20-22nd October 2015.

ECARTEC MESSE München LARA-100 configured for automotive drives development and testing presented in Munich.

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