Application Examples

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With the help of LARA-100 platform, the user can easily configure different Power Electronics based applications, from simpler one like standard motor drives (induction machine, PMSM), grid-connected converter applications (STATCOM, active filters, active front-end converter, etc) as well as DC applications (PV boost converter or separately excited DC motor drive) to more complex systems like microgrids and smart grids.

Based on the complexity of specific power electronics control research requirements, the user can employ one LARA-100 or several mutually connected LARAs.

One LARA-100 application examples:

Grid Connected
Converter applications

LARA-100 is configured here to operate as a grid-connected converter. With such configuration, LARA can stand for several key applications such as STATCOM, active power filters, energy storage and so on.

Motor Drives and Automotives

This configuration enables the development of standard and advanced control algorithms for PMSM and induction motor drives. See brief video here.

LARA-100s configured
as back-to-back converter

LARA-100 is configured here to operate as a grid-connected converter. With such a configuration, LARA can stand for several key applications…

LARA-200 Smart Grid Line

LARA Smart Grid Line is a specialized PERUN’s product line dedicated for development and testing of smart grid control algorithms and grid connected applications in general.

More information regarding first-hand user experience can be found here.

PV Panel Connected to the Grid

This is an example of connecting the energy source (PV here) to the electrical grid (AC mains). For this applications, two LARA-100 Building Blocks, i.e. the LARA-100 Multi-Block is needed. One controller, TMS320F28335 is responsible for controlling both LARA-100 Building Blocks. Measurement and control signals are routed via GPIO boards of each LARA-100 Building Block.

Motor – Generator Group Application

This application requires two LARA-100 power stages.

Customized example:
Testing automotive applications

This is a very good example of the second major way to employ LARA-100. Beside using LARA-100 as a reconfigurable and open Power Electronics platform, it can also be specialized and customized for one particular application such as a dynamo drive for testing electrical machine control (shown bellow). DC bus of a custom converter and LARA-100 DC bus are interconnected and then connected to the battery. In that way energy circulation is allowed. LARA-100 is responsible for generating a desired torque in order to examine the machine under the test. The load profile is defined easily by means of PERUN PowerDesk software suite.