LARA-100 Boards Overview

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Motherboard is the main board interfacing industrial power electronics stage and pluged-in controller. It utilizes all of the controller's peripheral I/Os important for LARA-100 system control. This makes LARA-100 system easy adaptable to various power electronics applications and different supervisory controllers. Expand your device any way you want considering the use of various PERUN's Application, GPIO and Communication Boards.


Your aim is to develop a motor drive controller, or grid-connected application (like the active filter, WT or PV)? You will need four principal parts in your design: a power stage, a controller, a set of electronic interface boards connecting them and the outer world, and a supervisory control software to aid in testing and debugging phase of the development. To develop the control code itself you will need to use some programming language, probably C. During testing, you need access to controller memory, but even more, to individual signals and their spectra. In order to do so, you need to establish communication between the controller and supervisory device (usually a PC) by means of reliable, fast and secure communication protocol.


Application board APP-UI serves as tansducer of four differential high voltages into microcontroller fitted voltage levels. It is ideal solution for transforming your power converter to LARA-100 open-development platform for grid-connected, PV or battery storage applications (LARA-100 GCC).


GPIO-01 is compact board for extension of LARA-100 system functionalities and features through all sorts of general purpose digital and analog inputs and outputs. GPIO-01 board allow interfacing of 6 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, 3 analog inputs and 3 analog outputs between controller and user external devices.


COMM-01 board is best solution to add CAN, RS-485, JTAG, UART and USB connectivity to your LARA-100 system. It allows building more complex power electronics systems consisting of two or more LARA-100 platforms, and forming micro- and smart grids.