LARA-100 MD Box

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LARA-100 MD Box

Motors Drives

Typical applications

LARA-100 MD Box transforms the power stage or industrial converter in an open platform suitable for motor drives control development. Its utility spans various fields, ranging from classical applications in servo-drives to applications in electrical and hybrid vehicles and transport.


LARA-100 MD Box includes LARA-100 Motherboard, together with expansion boards dedicated for motor drives applications, and a single licence for PERUN PowerDesk software. Expansion Boards support interfacing to incremental and absolute encoders (A, B, I and SSI interfaces are supported) with voltage levels ranging from 5 to 24V. 6 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, 2 relay outputs, 3 analog inputs and 3 analog outputs as provided. Communication is possible through Ethernet, CAN bus, RS-485, RS-232, JTAG.