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PERUN PowerDesk

PowerDesk is PERUN’s solution to in-depth debugging, profiling, monitoring and remote supervision of any DSP-driven process or device.

PERUN PowerDesk provides a plethora of functionalities. It can be used as an advanced digital oscilloscope. On the other, it provides direct access to device memory and code-defined variables. It incorporates a powerful signal processing and data visualization components. By means of PowerDesk, it is possible to access LARA-100 devices directly from higher-level programming languages, like Python, or even by means of popular data analysis and simulation platforms, like MATLAB/Simulink.

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PowerDesk Doc View here
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Integrated Scope

Scope is the main visualization tool of PERUN PowerDesk. Its primary purpose is to enable access to live signals and spectra, allowing our users to see and process signal waveforms as they arrive, and with the sampling period of the undelying LARA-100 hardware.

Several types of scopes are available in PowerDesk. For example: Signal Scopes are specifically designed for visualization of time-dependent signals; Spectrum Scopes tailored for frequency-dependent quantities, such as spectra, XY Scopes are used to visualize relative dynamics of two or more time-dependent signals.

Signal Processing and Analysis

Live signal processing and analysis is performed by means of Dynamic Systems Toolkit (DST). Most of the toolkit’s functionality can be accessed easily by means of the Ribbon Menu. However, it is also possible (and sometimes even easier) to invoke the functionality using the Project Explorer.


TagExplorer is used to access individual variables inside controller memory of one or several LARA-100 devices. Variables are accessed by name, and the corresponding address and data-type information are extracted based on the appropriate compiler generated file.

Real-Time Data Acquisition

Real-Time Data-Acquisition function of PERUN PowerDesk supports most features usually encountered in digital oscilloscopes, including selection of sample-time, decimation and triggering. However, in combination with PowerDesk Dynamic Systems Toolkit, it provides so much more.

Budget options

125 EUR/License
195 EUR/License