The PERUN’s solution for self-sustainable smart grids

The PERUN’s solution for
self-sustainable smart grids

PUMA – Power Universal Managment Agent – PUMA manages electric energy flow according to users’ needs and priorities at any given moment.

PUMA facilitates decentralized, real-time P2P energy trading while preserving grid stability by means of its unique way of balancing power flows for each P2P exchange.


1.Electricity tailored to user’s lifestyle. PUMA empowers users by giving the right of choice providing means for dynamically balancing price and quality of electrical energy by accommodating this balance to users’ particular needs. Each PUMA agent can choose to whom it will offer its excess energy, and from whom it is willing to buy.

2. Reliability and Resilience. In the case of unwanted event (such as failure of the main grid, maintenance, physical or cyber-attacks, etc…) individual users or groups of users can be self-isolated in autonomous prosumer islands and preserve stable power supply. A PUMA network can tolerate failure of any number of agents, as long as the existing

3. Scalability due to coordinated, decentralized grid support. PUMA network has unprecedented scaling-up potential; it supports rapid adoption of renewable energy sources and distributed energy resources in general. PUMA takes up the challenge of integrating huge number of volatile energy resources by implementing distributed, fully decentralized system for grid stabilization and power balancing.

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