Your power electronics research, development and education assistant

The Challenge

Development of power electronics systems is an all-inclusive and time-consuming, creative process requiring skills and operations from several various disciplines. This is an intimidating task which requires mastering of multiple crafts. Teams of experienced people are normally required to meet the quality and efficiency required by modern development standards.

Let us be your team!

Our Solution

PERUN’s platform LARA-100 is comprehensive platform dedicated to power electronics control development, research and education. It emerged as the answer to the permanent need for flexibility, comfortable and safe research and innovation in power electronics laboratory in both academia and industry.

LARA-100 replaces the laboratory test bench and its exhausting modifications with an industrial-level power stage which can be reconfigured to stand for a variety of applications. Applications in the automotive and motor drives are best met using LARA-100 MD Box, while grid connected applications are handled by GCC Box. LARA-100 PowerBox is a solution which covers both types of applications.

LARA-100 Boxes contain Expansion Boards and PERUN PowerDesk software. Together with LARA-100 Power Stage or industrial converter they build the open and configurable platform LARA-100. LARA-100 combines power converter’s (power stage) industrial design compactness with great flexibility provided by LARA-100 Boxes and PERUN PowerDesk software.

Our solution replaces inflexible test benches and
enables plug and play style connection with controllers (Texas Instruments and others on request)
provides open access in programming control codes,
supports remote access and scripting functionality from .NET and Matlab,
enables access from other platforms including Python, Java and others,
assists you in building and testing of your power electronics design through oscilloscope functionality, signal analysis and control building tools.